They discover a dead woman who won a millionaire lottery and ‘ruined her life’


Margaret Lovery surprised more than one person after winning the millionaire figure of £27m after buying a UK lottery ticket in 2013, but Margaret’s life was unresolved and, far from the happy ending, I would have been in a lot of trouble.

In an interview with the Mirror newspaper, the millionaire had already declared that this prize “ruined her life” and was left with only a small part equivalent to 5 million pounds (about 138 million Mexican pesos) because she was a victim of thefts and fraud.

As she told the newspapers, Margaret had already declared that she would never have peace while she was alive, even if she lost all her fortune.

Now the authorities have found Margaret’s dead body inside her home.

The first investigations ruled out an attempted theft because the circumstances in which it was found do not allow it to be suspected at the present time.

After winning the award, Margaret invested in various charities to help people in her community.

At the time she won the lottery, she was unemployed and living only on the pension the government deposited for her monthly.


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