is net? Mother Banned From School For ‘Inappropriate Attire’

is net?  Mother Banned From School For ‘Inappropriate Attire’

What a controversy that a colombian school about how they treat someone mother of the family this week. show it The local staff refused to enter her because the way she was dressed did not seem appropriate (¿??) And, of course, this has already generated all kinds of opinions for and against.

Photo: Special (DenunciasBQ via Twitter)

We will know this controversial story

It happened last Thursday, in a School in the town of Soledad. According to local media the timeAnd The woman and her husband went to school that day for a meeting Where would health protocols against COVID-19.

The problem was that The woman had a lot of trouble getting into school. As soon as she reached the entrance, a delegate from the Council of Fathers and Representatives He did not let her pass and caused controversy as to why he was given it to prevent him from reaching the place where his son is studying.

Mother Banned From School For 'Inappropriate Attire'

Photo: Special (DenunciasBQ via Twitter)

This is a video of what happened

as you can see in A video where the discussion between the two women is appreciated, The mother of the family (identified as Isabel Castro) She was wearing blue jeans and a low-cut white blouse that revealed her navel. But the delegate supports herself by saying that the school coexistence manual states that He can’t dress like this.

You discriminate against me, madam It has nothing to do with me the way I came wearing my education, my son is studying here”The woman responded to the argument of a member of the Council of Fathers and Representatives. But her words, like her husband’s, only hung in the air because The skinny woman was locked into her argument. Among the comments on “what a shame to give me to you”, I just didn’t let it pass.

Whatever they told him and told him that What he was doing was an act of discrimination against him. she He kept repeating that they should read the guide to coexistence Before claiming they won’t let her through An “unsuitable” dress.

But it turns out that the manual says nothing about the way parents dress…

Ah but what do you think… another local way, TuBarco أخبار News, assigned the task of research, manual review and happy reports There is no section where the “proper” way in which parents should present themselves is specified.

The same local media refer to that day, as well as on social networks when the case spread, Cannon opinions were divided. Many parents supported the woman when they noticed that she had been discriminated against, while doing so Others sided with the delegate because they agreed that these are not ways to dress (………)

how do you see Is there discrimination or are there reasons why a mother should not attend school for her son to wear clothes like the woman in the video did?

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