Guinea: Curfew declared ‘until further notice’ after coup

Special forces that dealt a blow state employment Guinea, they planted a touch stayed: will be lifted “until further notice”. Photo: Reuters.

Hit stateThe dissolution of government institutions, the arrest of President Alpha Conde, and a touch of stayed Which will be uploaded “until further notice”, in the balance of today’s Special Forces Championship Guinea, which – which Take control of the African country.

In a video clip that circulated on social media and the media, an unknown military coup leader in Guinea ad:

“The local and international community reassured us: The physical and moral integrity of the former president Alpha Conde is not threatened. You will have access to medical care and be in touch with your doctors. Everything will be fine. When the time comes, we will release (more) data”.

Hit state and touch stayed

  • touch stayed will rise in Guinea “Until new notice”
  • Special forces will replace state governors and ministers

In the aforementioned video, the army called on former rulers and other officials to relinquish power after a coup. state, or any Negative would be considered rebellionThey added that touch stayed It will take effect at 8:00 PM local time.

coup plotters Guinea They asked ordinary workers to continue with their work routine on Monday. Photo: Reuters.

opposition Guinea Former President Alpha Conde is accused of trying to perpetuate himself in power through a new constitution that he himself would have drafted. The United Nations scold touch stayed and blow state in the West African country.

Guinea, between the uncertainty

  • Alpha Conde won a third term in October

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced “any coup of the government.” state. touch stayed employment Guinea It will be taken up on Monday in Parliament, which will actually lead members of the special forces to the coup.

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