Jose Luis Espert: “Miley will be able to say she’s not caste, but all her armor is all class left”

Jose Luis Espert: “Miley will be able to say she’s not caste, but all her armor is all class left”
Jose Luis Espert, Vice President of Avanza Libertad

has long been at odds with Javier Meili and Jose Luis Espert La Libertad’s deputy accused Avanza of building his political framework with him All remaining class.

For a long time it was the good relationship between the two and the possible liberal alliance. One of them decides to put himself at one end of the crack -Milei-, while the other plays -Espert- along with Juntos Por el Cambio.

“Miley is what you see, he’s very real, very honest, very modern. He was with me for nine months, when he decided to go into politics, he did it with us on Avanza Libertad, and then he said he had a back to do it alone and I wish him the best.”

“In some things we think differently,” admitted the legislator from Avanza Libertad and went out to demolish the dollarization plan proposed by his counterpart from La Libertad Avanza: “Dollarization does not make any sense because Argentina’s monetary problems are irresistible to the country’s system. Donate dollars, adopt the euro, the real currency, or change the Argentine currency, if you don’t change everything that is fundamental, what drives people crazy, inflation, tariffs, no job creation, recession, diabolical public spending, unfunded fiscal deficits, laws A labor of cave days, an economy closed to the world… No matter what monetary system you use, you’ll break everything.”

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Espert analyzed Millay’s proposal and asserted that with these prescriptions “the banking system as one knows it today is eliminated”. For example, the term deposit system is disappearing. A grandfather who, on Millie’s idea, decides to go and put his savings in for a fixed term, will not be able to do so, and will have to pay to leave his money, because the bank will act as a safety deposit box,” eg.

Espert said in an interview with All news. For this, “central banks do not issue and the state is debt-financed. Labor laws are modern, they grant rights, but they do not grant privileges to union members; The size of the country is reasonable, here they violate you by paying taxes, and companies have to compete with the world. If you do all of that, you can adopt the currency that Uganda issues as your currency, if you like, and it will work,” he considered.

Years ago, when Espert and Millie had a good relationship

Espert also came at the crossroads of the referendum that I expect to be called by the candidate for La Libertad Avanza if he reaches the executive branch and the dollarization project does not go beyond the legislative scope: “It is very exceptional. When it is the president who asks for it, he can agree or not, But if the answer is yes, then it is a bill that must later be brought before Congress. Congress is not a wedding. “There are rules of the game that you have to respect. There is a constitution and you can’t break it to change things”; question.

In this sense, he indicated that Argentina must be changed, but “within the rules of the game, as is the case in 199 countries in the world, where none of them stopped having a currency or a central bank, and they have an inflation of 5%.”

The liberal deeply respects the constitution and institutions. Threatening to call a plebiscite if Congress does not approve the dollarization project is as liberal as an astronaut like me.”

After breaking down the libertarian MP’s story, Espert now points to the “anti-sectarian” rhetoric declaring: “Miley will be able to tell that she is not a caste, but all her armor is all the rest of the caste, the armed class in Salty.”. And the economist warned: “Be careful with what dollarization entails, and what it means to rule by referendum and freedom, because freedom respects the other, rather than disapproval.”

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