Knowing recipes with the new form of Funniest Science Middle Row Series


We can find in the kitchen a place very similar to the laboratory. In the kitchen, food transforms, changes texture and color, acquires new flavors and becomes something much more than the sum of the ingredients.

Patchi and her dad are a big fan of cooking, and now they’ll share their recipes with you!
In addition to giving you a preparation for sweet and savory dishes and some slightly exotic dishes, it will reveal the science behind the cooking.

Why does the onion not cry if it is cut and boiled?

Why do fruits ripen? Why is chili pepper spicy and why do people find coriander flavor like soap? YES, SOAP !!!

Find answers to these and other strange questions with the most curious protagonist in history, and of course at the hand of the fluffy dog ​​Lukas. ”

Under the Blok B seal, Recipes with Science is available in electronic and physical book form in bookstores with online selling and home delivery.

Gabriel León and María Paz Contreras debuted as the great duo of the creators of this new form of the Rare Questions series. Illustrated recipe book with the best kitchen secrets.

data sheetTitle: Recipes with the knowledge

Authors: Gabriel Lyon and Maria Paz Contreras

Label: B-Block

Pages: 124

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