Health and well-being cannot wait in the semi-desert: Peña


Mazabelle. Two days after the campaign across the semi-desert of Zacatecan, Carlos Peña Badillo gathered the sentiments of residents of this region of the state, who have been affected by drought, lack of productive federal support, and an epidemic.

The Alliance Candidate for Mexico (PRI-PAN-PRD) to the Federal Representative of the Third Circuit expressed his regret over the conditions of abandonment in which the semi-desert Zacatecanos lived.

He stated frankly that “health, welfare and education in this region of the state cannot wait nor should it wait.”

He lamented that an area rich in precious minerals lacks the public works, employment and opportunities provided by the mining fund, as he said businessmen continue to pay their taxes.

He tells the folks who unlocked their door that he wants to be a Federal Representative specifically to fight for Seguro Popular that provides them with health services.

Farmers in the area agreed that they had no way to make their “animals” alive and die of hunger and thirst, which is what Peña said there was a need for Federal MPs to truly work for their land and people.

“This is why I want to be a federal representative, because I want to be your voice and work with you in striving for the development and well-being of the people of the sub-Saharan region.”

Carlos Peña was well received in the Concepcion del Oro, Mazabile and Francisco R Morgoya and his native Rio Grande, where he said:

I’m not here to make foolish promises just to have your vote. Fighting for a mining fund, for example, is not a matter of access and now, you have to act, lobby and agree … but I know how to do it, and I know how to operate and manage and comply …

The candidate explained that he wants to be a federal representative to work on programs and procedures that benefit Zacatecas, so that the state government has the resources to meet residents’ demands.

He said it was necessary to work as a team, “because it is seen that with the lawsuits and divisions, nothing has been achieved,” which is why Claudia Anaya, the candidate of the PRI-PAN-PRD coalition for governor, has also been called to vote on June 6.

She indicated that she has already downloaded the resources for Zacatecas along with her and for the support of many people in particular.

The PRI member, Baldo Ramirez, in Concepción del Oro, and Consuelo Contreras, in Mazabelle accompanied the coalition candidates for mayors in their municipalities, saying, “I will work as a team for the flow of resources” and also asking them for your confidence and support on June 6.

Carlos Peña also met women from Unembry, with whom he shared the proposals and said he was convinced that women were the cornerstone of any society.

“You know me, you know my work and my accomplishments. I have come with my face to ask for your trust and support once again because I have the face to do so.”

He asked people to compare him to all the candidates arriving in that area, “if others arrived,” to review his career and his work. “And if I convince you, help me be your federal representative.”

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