Knowledge and light | Ministry of a Restless Brain – El Sol de Córdoba

Knowledge and light |  Ministry of a Restless Brain – El Sol de Córdoba

When asked why I decided to be a researcher, I always answer that it was because I wanted to find answers through observation and experimentation. But I give you an additional confession, I became a researcher because I am fascinated by telling stories where there is plot, and in this way, through reading, I find other natural researchers like you. Let’s get started!

Episode 1. The event

The show exploded! Jewelry was stolen. The alarm went off, someone ran out. In his right hand he carried a black velvet box, and in his left a spot of red, which was very clearly visible on the sleeve of his shirt. No one came to help him, I just saw three women standing in the corner watching him. Someone muttered something to the lady who was holding an old woman tightly.

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Someone came to the door of the store, after that no one came out, I even stopped polishing my shoes so as not to be distracted. Thanks to this, I was able to see in detail how he picked up a piece of silver. I say it with such certainty because I know the soft white that doesn’t shine like chrome car accessories. He quickly picked up the subject and put the silver into the jute bag he was carrying.

He broke into the store and didn’t stay there for two minutes. I know this because I know when to change the traffic light every day where I work. None more clearly, the first being a thief, and the second, the subject becoming a thief for the occasion. Yes, though there is another possibility, that the man who took the silver piece was an accomplice, and that is why he later came to mislead.

Or perhaps, neither one nor the other, the man with the box was the shop clerk, and no thief, and the man with the jute sack was a shop attendant, who picked up the thing so that no one would find it. He stole, and when he entered the shop, and did not find his accomplice, he quickly left to look for him or to notify the police station. This may be the real explanation.

Although I’m not entirely sure, because if the plan is to locate the police in the booth, and if it really is a friend or colleague from the store, he should know that no one has occupied that booth since the rep opened three years ago. In short, being a thief and accomplice sometimes is probably the best option, except for one small detail:

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… Three women who did not move from their place, did not shake the scene with weeping, and prepared to continue their walk, even smiling, as I saw them for the first time.

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Dear reader, what does the narrator do? What did they really take from the store? What are the clues that tell us the truth of the event? Can the human brain come up with a plot in the blink of an eye?

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* Institute of Neurological Medicine, University of Veracruzana

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