The use of face masks is maintained in schools in Tamaulipas, Salud Grupo Milenio announced

The use of face masks is maintained in schools in Tamaulipas, Salud Grupo Milenio announced

he Use face masks and sanitary filters will continue Compulsory in hospital units and schools in Tamaulipas. In addition, the Health Safety Committee indicated that in places where outbreaks of the disease are recorded, all restrictive and preventive measures must be applied.

The Minister of Health, Vicente Joel Hernandez Navarro, presided over the first working meeting in which the agreements will be implemented in New Health Security Ordinance before COVID-19 pandemic.

He was given a view of the panorama currently recorded by COVID-19 In the entity, the sanitary and health security agreements that will be implemented in the coming months were analyzed, among them also the mandatory use of a face mask for food handlers and in people with any respiratory symptoms, regardless of where they are.

“As a precaution, it is highly recommended that anyone suffering from any respiratory illness, including COVID-19, use a face mask, no matter where the person is; and depending on the culture, we should all apply frequent hand washing, healthy distance, and cover ourselves with our forearms.” when sneezing, ”explained Hernandez Navarro, noting that these measures should be used permanently.

Tamaulipas currently has 184,128 cases of COVID-19, including 8,119 deaths from the disease.

Monkeypox and dengue fever

In this first meeting, topics related to the current situation of monkeypox were also analyzed, since seven cases have been recorded this year in the entity.

As for dengue, they will strengthen dissemination and prevention campaigns so that the population knows the symptoms of this type of disease and the demand for medical care is timely.

The first meeting of the State Health Safety Commission was attended by the Under Secretary of Public Health, José Luis Garza Ruiz; Eduardo Martínez Permea, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Medicare; Gabriel de la Garza Garza, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and Quality. Alberto Moctezuma Castillo, State Commissioner for Protection against Health Risks (Quipres); Representative of the 48th Military District, as well as representatives of IMSS, ISSSTE, Red Cross, among other agencies.


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