The Science Museum celebrates its 14th anniversary with “Museo Fest 2023”

The Science Museum celebrates its 14th anniversary with “Museo Fest 2023”

The event will take place on March 24 in the San Miguel Acapantsingo Ecological Park, with the participation of various research centers

The Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (SDEyT), headed by Ana Cecilia Rodríguez González, through the Council of Science and Technology of the State of Morelos (CCyTEM), announces the creation of “Museo Fest 2023”.

The above, in order to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the Morelos Museum of Science, which will hold the meeting inside the San Miguel Acapantsingo Ecological Park, on March 24 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. where many research centers participate. View workshops and activities.

In this sense, Andrea Angélica Paulín Ramírez, Director General of CCyTEM, noted that the museum has positioned itself as an entertaining and educational space for Morelenses of all ages, promoting the scientific culture in the country, so in this event he will be able to enjoy a multidisciplinary experience accompanied by the whole family .

He stressed, “We seek to integrate society in general in understanding scientific work, which becomes necessary to jointly build a knowledge-based entity.”

In addition, the state official has offered an invitation to “Diploma in Science Journalism.” Which targets researchers and publishers interested in learning the basic principles of writing to prepare publications, which will open its doors from April 15 to June 3 of this year.

In turn, Adrián Margarito Medina Canizal, Director of the Morelense Center for Scientific Communication (CeMoCC), explained that the “Science Trailer” will start its operations with modern and new equipment, and for this reason the starting flag will be presented during the Festival Museum.

Finally, he invited residents to continue visiting the venue’s facilities in order to foster interest in issues related to technology and innovation through teaching rooms, information sheets, materials and audio-visual functions for children, youth and adults.

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