According to the Nobel Prize in Economics, money brings happiness (but also these little things)

According to the Nobel Prize in Economics, money brings happiness (but also these little things)

According to him Psychologist and Nobel Prize winner in economics Daniel Kahneman money gives happiness. The research has just been published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences motive yes, Money buys happiness. What do you mean kahneman? that satisfy increases with Enter It even accelerates, as the salary exceeds $ 100,000 a year (94,872 euros), as long as the person enjoys something in particular. The basic level of happiness in the beginning. In addition, the researchers found that emotional impact The general amount of more money in a person is small compared to happiness Provided by other simpler conditions, such as the fact that Free on both days of the weekend. Let’s explain it.

So does money give happiness or not?

for a good understanding Kahneman First you need to know what it means happiness. According to the expert, happiness can be defined as conditions to:

  • emotional well-being: which refers to everyday feelings Joy, sadness, stress…
  • Positive evaluation of life: which refers to the evaluation that people make of their own lives in specific moment.

What are you saying Kahneman The thing is to get moreMoney buys life satisfaction, not happinesswhile the low income Both Decreased emotional well-being as with decreased satisfaction with life. According to his study partner, Harvard researcher Matthew Killingsworththis satisfaction is associated with Feeling in control of life. But he adds that he does not recommend the program Monetary success Because the people who do it are less happy. In addition, Killingsworth points out that people who make more money also Work more hours And I feel more tense.

Not only money gives happiness (not constantly and not for everyone)

The happiness that money gives us depends on the value we place on money for our happiness. Perhaps we would appreciate a free weekend more or take your time off each day from work.

Then the conclusions of the study come to enrich what has already been said on other occasions about the relationship between Money and happinessAmong them are the following:

  • that happiness Who gives us money Depends on the value we provide With money for our happiness.
  • that happiness He who gives money is not forever, because all success ends with him pattern and reaches the baseline.

according to Sonja Lumborski, Positive Psychologist author Myths of happinessSearch future happiness It can prevent us from seeing current happiness. We firmly believe that sure Achievements (Like having money) will make us happy forever that’s for sure failure (like a little money) we You will make him unhappy Forever. that Utopian happiness It can make us not enjoy it In life And no moments happiness that the present gives us. Happiness doesn’t cost money nor does money always keep it under arm’s length. He said it before SocratesHe who is not satisfied with what he has will not be happy with what he wants.

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