La Jornada – The Mexican Senate will have the last word, says Ken Salazar

La Jornada – The Mexican Senate will have the last word, says Ken Salazar

US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm held a special session yesterday with members of the Senate Political Coordination Council (Jokobo), where she heard the opposition demonstrate against electricity reform.

The most ferocious were lawmakers from the PAN and Movimiento Ciudadano (MC), who warned that with this reform, introduced by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, a monopoly would be created and there would be damages to national and foreign investments in electricity.

Senator Nadia Navarro of the PAN warned that her party opposes this reform and will struggle to promote national and international private investment, since Mexico currently has a thousand special permits to generate electricity, and is also working to promote the elimination of monopolies, particularly in the case of state practice . With them.

“This will be a factor of weakness and uncertainty in the bilateral relationship,” said MC’s Clemente Castaneda, who asked for the position of the United States.

At a conference, after the meeting, Jucopo President, Ricardo Monreal, revealed that Secretary Granholm did not allude to the issue of electrical reform, but that it was the Ambassador of the United States, Ken Salazar, who did so in the end, who said that they knew it was a sovereign measure, in which the “Council of The Mexican Senate has the last word.” In confirmation of this, the diplomat touched the shoulder of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, PRI Ruben Moreira, who confirmed in his speech that analytical forums were opened on electricity reform in which all interested parties can express their opinion.

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