La Nacion / They plan to turn Paraguay into a large producer of lambs

La Nacion / They plan to turn Paraguay into a large producer of lambs

Paraguay’s ambassador to Qatar, Angel Barchini, stated that work is underway with a Qatari investment group with the aim of promoting mutton production in Paraguay, to export sheep meat to many Arab countries. During an interview with Radio Nacional del Paraguay, Ambassador Parchini stated that they are working with the Qatar Investment Authority, a Qatari investment group, which is responsible for discovering and promoting investment areas in foreign countries.

The diplomat pointed out that the goal of this joint work, according to the intellectual property portal, is to turn Paraguay into an important producer of lamb meat for exporting sheep meat to Qatar and the rest of the Arab countries. “We are looking into the possibility that, in a short time, Paraguay will become a large producer of lambs. If we organize and plan, the Arab world, not only Qatar, Qatar may eventually become a distribution center, but the entire Arab world, we call it the Gulf where there is a lot of money , Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman He said that Bahrain consumes huge amounts of lamb.

He stressed that the territory of Paraguay is very productive and that raising lambs is much faster and cheaper than raising cattle. “If we can have a significant productive herd annually, I think it can be a great future for producers in Paraguay. If money, capabilities and training are distributed to the peasants, then whoever owns two or three hectares will be able to produce a sufficient amount to remain on their property, without The need to migrate from the countryside.

Parchini reported that according to their projection, with the production of two million newborn pregnancies annually, export to the Middle East can be planned, which will also require the installation of halal refrigerators as required by the Arab religion. and the conditions set by those countries. “We must prepare in production and in the structure that our country must have in order for the production of sheep to be an interesting income,” he said.

Sheep breeders recently obtained permission to import English genetics, which will be possible to take it to another level in this field, with the possibility of obtaining embryos of breeds of Hampshire Down and Texel of very high genetic value, for the improvement of the herd, even with the aim of supplying the countries of the region.

“Sheep farming is a thriving element with great potential and the reality is that we have been with a temporary waiting for the moment, and now we are going to take this big step because the country needs to deal with industrial scales to position itself as a consumer power,” said La Nación, President of the Paraguayan Sheep Breeders Association (APCO), Engineer Nicholas Peña.

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