Laura Zapata confirms that her grandmother, Eva Mange, had a broken leg

Laura Zapata confirms that her grandmother, Eva Mange, had a broken leg
The actress participates in MasterChef. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

actress Laura Zapata He said that his grandmother, Eva MangShe had ups and downs in her health, because the nurses who looked after her weren’t doing a good job, so she changed medical staff.

“His legs are broken, both shinbone, fibula, one foot, he has a crack in one knee, and I have to work. The first couple (of the nurses) didn’t say anything to me, until they made changes they said to me ‘Look how your grandmother is!'” And I said, “What?” The feet are purple and swollen,” he said in an interview with the program sweating.

  • Laura Zapata reported that the nurses who provided the service Her health care providers didn’t do it well because they didn’t tell her that her grandmother had fractures and that it was only for pay, which is not good professional practice.

Thalia was generous, but there is no money to pay for the drowsiness

About the famous expenses Who is also participating in the program MasterChef reassured his sister next She is the only one who supports her with some expenses, because the singer also has expenses to pay.

“Thalia was generous in the economic matter; but there is no money to pay for care and wear or time. My grandmother is in bed, but we make her want it.”

The novelist replied that her other sisters did not support their grandmother financially or with their time.

  • “I used to work since I was little, doing what I had to do (with my grandmother) and contributing my time, my love, my space and my possibilities,” she added. Laura Zapata.

Eva Mange, Laura and Thalia’s grandmother, was in a sanatorium in the state of Mexico, however, she was removed from the scene after Laura Zapata stated that she was abused by the staff.

The actress is currently participating in MasterChef, and has confirmed that she feels very good on the show.

“I keep learning, I sleep, I wake up and I think of recipes.”

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