What are the best foods to eat before exercising?


Prepare yourself mentally for Playing sports It’s just the first step because feed Equally important in Processing With that in mind, we bring you some of them food What could it be for you useful before you start pattern.

However, it is worth saying from the very beginning that you should go to a specialist, be it a nutritionist or a trainer, who will guide you in the most appropriate process. Whether you want to increase your muscle mass or lose weight.

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First, there are dried fruits, be it pineapple, figs, blackberries or dates, which will provide you with a good amount of easily digestible carbohydrates as well as a moderate amount of sugars that give you energy.

Although the first thing that is usually removed from the diet once the training process begins is bread. However, you can eat wholegrain bread, and since we know you’re not going to eat a slice alone, you can make yourself toast, smother an avocado and a boiled egg or a low-fat turkey breast.

What are the best foods to eat before exercising?

Photo: Unsplash.

Oatmeal, which contains a large amount of B vitamins, will turn carbohydrates into energy. Leave a pot of oatmeal soaked overnight with water or milk, and mix it with a banana and some nuts until you can withstand your routine.

Last but not least bananas. In fact, it can be taken before or after exercise due to the amount of potassium. Plus, bananas will provide carbohydrates for both your body and mind.

Cereal bars are also useful and a lot, but make sure you don’t have an excess of sugar or else it will be counterproductive. Remember that in addition to eating certain foods before your workout, drink enough water throughout the day.

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