Spreading Science – Radio Formula QR

Spreading Science – Radio Formula QR

Because life is the most important thing, today I will talk about the popularization of science and happiness.

This is capsule number 200! And it is such a great birthday, therefore, that I will allow myself this license to make a personal reflection of spreading the knowledge and value I give her.

The aim of popularizing science is to make available some specialized knowledge. It is the construction of a beautiful bridge between the scientific world and the rest of the world, which, by the way, will not be separated.

Talking about science is the way that allows people to incorporate this knowledge into their culture and their daily lives, and from my point of view it brings happiness too… Let me explain:

The quest for knowledge should be a primary objective of the greatest possible welfare of the people, and as necessary for the development of society it is also important to communicate it for appropriation by all potential persons, and it is not only about data and knowledge, no; But in terms of the tools, skills, and generation of critical thinking processes that people need to get through such times, times of post-truth, times of conspiracy, conspiracy theories and new obscurantism, where “fake news” is the “web,” times of madness and inequality.

Gaining the ability to think is acquiring the ability to be free and making good decisions, acquiring the ability to be happy.

Thus I live the great adventure of seeking and spreading knowledge, in my case, the world.

In the words of Antonio Claret, a Brazilian astrophysicist, uttered by Alfonso X: “Knowledge has no owner, no kings, and knowledge is a river that flows without direction and without end.”

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