Learn about the first conviction for Windows and Office hacking

Learn about the first conviction for Windows and Office hacking

Supreme Court of Spain He was sentenced to six months in prison and 3,600 euros A Spanish national was fined for committing an intellectual property crime for having computers with pirated Microsoft software at her business.

The convicted woman had a legal call center providing telephone and internet services. At this location, the Spanish national had two Windows computers and pirated office supplies.

Although Spanish courts are already fighting technological piracy, this landmark ruling marks the first time a court has issued a conviction in a computer hacking case.

This case began in November 2017, when the National Police authorities searched the convict’s headquarters, where they discovered that two of the eight teams present in the hall had Pirated versions of Windows and Office.

In addition to the fine and prison sentence she was sentenced to, the lounge owner will also have to pay Microsoft for the Windows and Office licenses she was using irregularly on its premises. It should be noted that the convict is not sentenced to actual imprisonment, as the sentence does not exceed two years unless she has a criminal record.

On the other hand, the Spanish judicial system made this decision to combat piracy after reforming the penal code in 2015, which includes the economic exploitation of products without a license, which according to the country's court judges was implemented. Booth in question.

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