‘Mandy’ director returns to live-action sci-fi movie ‘Nekrokosm’

‘Mandy’ director returns to live-action sci-fi movie ‘Nekrokosm’

Panos Cosmatos has been missing since his last movie, Mandy (2018), made a surprise hit for Spectrevision starring Nicolas Cage, and now The director is back with a new movie projectreunited with XYZ Films and first worked with A24, an independent fashion production and distribution company, for a film titled ‘Nekrokosm’.

scary space nightmare

The project is a science fiction fantasy feature Megan Huang Writing the script for her story she and Cosmatos who will direct this story. The Necrocosm plot has been kept secret, but has been described as:

“A spooky fantasy nightmare set deep in a strange galaxy where two lovers are separated as they try to survive a malevolent invasion.”

Huang wrote to The excellent science fiction series from Starz “Counterpart” and the upcoming short series “Shōgun”, Cosmatos has made a name for himself as a cult film director with just two films in which he worked with XYZ, and his name became one of the most valuable freak film producers.


As his new movie matured, Cosmatos took some time Live episode of the horror anthology Curiosity Locker By Guillermo Del Toro for NetflixIt is in post-production at the moment. There are no estimated production or premiere dates and no planned cast have been revealed.

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