Marta de Santos is Podemos Spokesperson for Science, Finance and Citizenship

Marta de Santos is Podemos Spokesperson for Science, Finance and Citizenship

Marta de Santos, in her last appearance at the Podemos Aragonese headquarters.

The Podemos Parliamentary Group has already identified a file The positions to be held by Representative Marta de Santos, who took office at the first plenary session of the political session, at the beginning of September, To replace Erica Sanz, who resigned at the end of August – after being announced in May – due to insurmountable contradictions with the direction of the purple formation in Aragon.

As confirmed by formation sources, from now on, De Santos will be the spokesperson for Podemos in committees Finance, science, university and citizenship. In addition, his arrival also means other changes for the rest of the deputies of the parliamentary bloc, but Nacho Escarten will continue to serve as spokespersonAlthough the unknown has remained in recent weeks with the arrival of de Santos, closer to the general coordinator and science minister, Maro Diaz.

This way, De Santos will take over the Treasury instead of Marta Prades; You will enter citizenship, as Erica Sanz was; And in science, it will replace it Vanessa Carbonell, who had barely been in this position for a year. Itxaso Cabrera was a replacement for this science committee, and Carbonell will take his place. In the case of the Education Committee, a substitute was Nacho Escartin, a role that Carbonell would now play.

With these changes, and after the appointment of Carlos Jamara as Director-General of Climate Change to replace Marta de Santos, Podemos Aragon concludes the term of replacements spurred by the resignation of Erica Sanz from the party. Five months after announcing her resignation A month later, it finally came into force.

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