The expert considers it “necessary” to delay retirement due to the physical and cognitive health of the population


Barcelona, ​​September 28 (European press) –

Economist and professor at Abat Oliba CEU University (UAO CEU) Joaquín Solana defended that delaying retirement age is “necessary” not only for financial reasons but also for the population’s physical and cognitive health, UAO CEU reported in a statement this Monday.

In her thesis “Longevity, New Challenges and Opportunities for Management and Entrepreneurship,” Solana argues that due to an increase in life expectancy and a declining birth rate, “every human being born today has a 50% higher probability of reaching 100 years.”

In his view, these data invite us to rethink the criteria for career stages, retirement age and even the very concept of retirement, and he argued that the division of life into three stages – education, active life and retirement – “comes to an end”.

Thus, in her dissertation Solana details a series of proposals for companies such as introducing seniors to private part-time projects and drawing on their expertise and knowledge to mentor youth “with a lot of preparation but little exposure to the realities of work.”

He stressed that there are “appreciative” initiatives by retirees who advise on business projects, but criticized that the legislation, he said, is restrictive in terms of combining pension and paid activity.

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