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More similarities between chimpanzees and humans: Scientists from the University of St Andrews have shown through a study that individuals from the Budongo Forest in Uganda have their own “social networks”.

Chimpanzees use the shape of the roots of tropical forest trees to send information about what they are doing and where they are, which travel more than a kilometer through the moist, dense forests.

One of the authors, Dr. Catherine Hopiter, said: ‘We would often identify who was drumming when we heard them, and it was a great way to find the different chimpanzees we were looking for.

The study also indicates that chimpanzees control the disclosure of their identity and location to others.

Dr Habiter added: “Our results may help explain this: Chimpanzees are rarely really out of contact, even when miles apart, these long distance signals allow them to stay in touch with whoever is anywhere. “It’s as if they have their own social networks that allow them to check in during the day.”

“In fact, we also found that chimpanzees reproduce more frequently when alone or in small groups,” added Vista Eleuteri, co-author,

Research shows that chimpanzees use different rhythm patterns: some individuals have a regular rhythm, such as rock and blues drummers, and others have more varied or more varied rhythms, such as jazz. They combine these drums with long range calls, whistle calls, and different males also knock at different points in the call.

“I was surprised to be able to recognize who was playing the drums after a few weeks in the woods. But his percussion beats are so distinctive that they are easy to pick up. For example, Tristan, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) Jungle, runs very fast with a lot of spaced beats Equally, his percussion is so fast that you can barely see his hands!

The research team now plans to study group differences to check whether there are different “cultures” of drumming among different chimpanzee groups.

Editing: Emilio Gomez

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