Mexico, the main trading partner of the United States so far in 2021

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For the first seven months of the year, Mexico remained the main trading partner of the United States, above Canada and China.

After losing to China in 2020, Mexico He’s back to be the main business partner from United State At the beginning of this year, a status it maintains until July.

From January to July 2021 the trade exchange Mexico and the United States 375 thousand and 539 million dollars.

Luz Maria de la Mora, Undersecretary for Foreign Trade at the Ministry of Economy, said the strength of the trade relationship and productive integration have been reaffirmed.

He said it shows that we are on the right path to economic recovery.

In the first seven months of the year imports The value of Mexican products in the United States amounted to 218 thousand and 348 million dollars exports It was for $157,190 million.

The figures given by Undersecretary de la Mora correspond to United States Census Bureau (US Census Bureau, in English).

Thus Mexico established itself as the main trading partner of the above North American nation Canada, with 372 thousand and 432 million dollars in stock exchanges, and ChinaWith 352 thousand and 811 million.

The fourth and fifth trading partners of the United States are Japan With 122 thousand and 126 million dollars on the stock exchange, and Germany, with 113 thousand and 992 million.

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