Mexico’s Economy Rises 1% YoY in May, According to Preliminary Data – AméricaEconomía

Mexico’s Economy Rises 1% YoY in May, According to Preliminary Data – AméricaEconomía

Looking at the combination of these four items, from January to May 2022, exports amounted to US$342.9 million, based on data from the National Customs Directorate (DNA).

If the reading is done on the volume set, in those five months it was 79,474 tons (taking into account all items), and compared to the same period in 2021, there was a 9% decrease in whole milk powder shipments, A 174% increase in skimmed milk powder decreases by 3% in the case of cheese and a 59% increase in butter.

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Whole milk powder remains, by far, the most exported product: 49,285 tons so far this year, 62% of total freight, generating $191.1 million in revenue, 55.7% of total obtained.

Revenue from whole milk powder grew 10%, whole milk powder revenue increased 235% in skimmed milk powder, increased 6% in cheese and increased 117% in butter, based on a comparison of the first five months of 2022 and 2021 always.

For the average realized prices, based on a comparison of prices cumulative in 2022 to May and the same period in 2021, they improved by 20% in whole milk powder, 22% in skimmed milk powder, 9% in cheese, and 36% in butter.

Finally, taking into account the most recent, which happened exclusively with the business corresponding to May of this year, the average prices were: 4,208 USD per ton of whole milk powder; $3,794 per ton of skimmed milk powder; $4,493 per ton for cheese; and $5,722 per ton of butter.


The Enal report also revealed that, given the last 12 months (the moving year), 29% of dairy products exported went to Algeria, 20% to China, 15% to Brazil, 6% to Russia, 4% to Mexico and the rest ( 26)%) to other markets.

Algeria was the main destination for whole milk powder (38% of the total shipment) and skimmed milk powder (52%); Mexico was destined for cheese (24%); and Russia for lard (43%).

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