New digitization: a promise of luxury | Happiness Lab Blog

New digitization: a promise of luxury |  Happiness Lab Blog

Digitization was already in place. Social media, video conferencing tools, and sales platforms Online And express home delivery apps are there, just one click from all of us. So why are we talking about a new digitization? Digitization was a world populated by a few, especially in the professional or technological sphere, while the new digitization was adopted by society as a whole, which led to a change in its habits and method of association. This is a revolution. Revolutions are always preceded by chaos, but after the initial madness they give way to progress.

Each vanguard generates fear, suspicion, and even a specific conspiracy situation. However, without these precursors, man could not have evolved, and without a doubt, his way of life was undeniably worse. We always say the past was better, but this is completely uncertain: We have never had a life expectancy like the present age and the ability to truly reach our dreams. That is why we should be so optimistic about this new reality that will result from the new digitization which will only bring extraordinary things to our personal and professional well-being.

Advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and digitalization will allow humans to spend more time living and focus on truly ingrained professional tasks, those that stem from creativity, love, and the added value of mechanical processes. Technology will undoubtedly take over all functional phases of our activity, but who cares? Personally, I love having a robot that works for me 24 hours a day while I dedicate myself to the most poetic part of my career. The soul of the company will never be in the hands of the algorithm. This is where we must focus all our efforts from now on. To believe that technology is the enemy and that it will end up replacing humans is unrealistic. On the one hand, it will allow us to be more efficient and free us from the slavery of space / time that makes us sick and depletes us. Not seeing it this way, and assuming it, is like continuing to work in the fields with a shovel because the tractors seem to us like demon machines.

Digitization has made us ubiquitous and multi-channel. Our existence has been greatly multiplied by the countless channels we have at our disposal. Today we can meet our team almost first thing in the morning on Zoom, introduce a product to our followers directly on Instagram in the middle of the morning, and participate in Web discussion She studies from another continent in the afternoon and dined with our family without leaving home. All this thanks to remote work. The impact of our presence today is significantly higher and the costs minimal, given the savings in resources, travel and time that a digital presence entails. We might think that substituting our physical existence for the hypothetical one makes us less close and potent, but that’s not the case: one doesn’t take away the other, it’s a matter of weighing our physical existence and being where it really is. it is necessary. It ceases to exist, which is basically what we did before, as we reduced productivity in our lives, spending it in airports, meetings and waiting rooms that turned out to be ineffective in most cases.

Let’s face it boldly: Technology has put people at the center. If we did, then everything would make sense. The new digitization is just a matter of love with ourselves and with the community we form. It’s about stopping being machines and, finally, being human, so we build together Common love It must guide our existence.

Eckel Baricart He is the author Being digital, Published by Eunate Editions.

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