New York Assistant Governor Andrew Cuomo has filed a criminal complaint for sexual harassment

New York Assistant Governor Andrew Cuomo has filed a criminal complaint for sexual harassment

assistant governor Andrew Cuomo Who accused the politician of sexually assaulting her last year at her official residence File a criminal complaint In Albany County, the state capital of New York, the district sheriff’s office reported.

victim complaint, One of Kumo’s assistants, whose identity has not been announced, known three days after the publication of a report by the New York Attorney General’s Office that concluded that the governor sexually harassed 11 women, most of whom work or work for him.

Legal experts have confirmed that the incident described by the woman, who claimed Cuomo touched her breasts in a work interaction at the official residence, could lead to a charge of forced touching, which is considered a misdemeanor that could nonetheless lead to her being charged. conservative.

comowho has held office for more than 10 years, She has repeatedly denied sexual harassment of 11 womenHe confirmed Thursday that he would cooperate with an investigation by the New York State Assembly, which is expected to settle its investigation soon.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares is one of a total of five prosecutors who have indicated that his offices are investigating Cuomo’s alleged misconduct following the release of the 169-page New York Attorney General’s report.

Cuomo’s aide, who filed the criminal case with investigators, explained that the New York politician He’s behaved inappropriately with her since 2019, with hugs and kisses that made her feel uncomfortable.

This resulted one night last November in an incident that occurred at Como’s official residence, where he went at his request, in which the governor put his hands under her blouse and touched her breast, according to the researchers.

Cuomo, who has refused to leave office despite a flurry of pleas from a long list of political figures — including United States President, Joe Biden — will also have to deal with a possible impeachment by the state legislature. General Assembly.

“The commission’s investigation is coming to an end and the assembly will soon consider possible articles for ‘dismissal’.”The Assembly’s Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Levine said in a statement.

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