Tokyo: knife attack injures at least 10 on train; There is 1 detainee

while like On high alert for the Olympics, B . attack knife at the station Train. Photo: Reuters.

while likeAnd The capital of Japan is located On high alert for the Olympics, b هجوم attack knife Between Seijogakuen-mae and Soshigaya-Okura stations, on the Odakyu Odawara Line, at least 10 people were injured, one of them seriously.

  • service Train in a like It has been posted in some of its sections
  • Witnesses confirmed that the attacker “got crazy” at one point

The suspect who left knife In the Train ran away and went He was arrested an hour and a half later In the Suginami district, in like. The attack took place on Friday in the Sitagaya district, west of the host capital From the Olympic Games.

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  • The Odakyu Electric Railway announced on its website that it had suspended part of its service due to an “attack in the… Train‘, without going into further details

According to TBS television, the young suspect was arrested after leaving the scene. No more information was given About your profile or motivations. According to Kyodo News, the author left his home knife and phone on Train: They were arrested by the police.

Nine of the wounded were conscious and out of danger, but one person was reported seriously ill and taken to a local hospital. the Violent crimes are rare in Japan, but there is no shortage of attacks using knives, where the attackers are unknown to the victims.

The seriously injured person was reportedly a woman whose name and age were not given. Photo: Reuters.

In Reuters videos, police officers are seen kicking passengers out of Cairo International Airport Train From like after the attack b knife; In another shot, there is evidence that some citizens had to walk between the bars to reach an exit, since Train quedó varado entre Seijogakuen-mae y Soshigaya-Okura.

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