‘Paranormal attack’ in Columbia: Mayor shares video, goes viral

‘Paranormal attack’ in Columbia: Mayor shares video, goes viral

mayor Colombia He posted a video on social networks confirming, realizes what is supposedparanormal attack“Against a security guard in the facilities of the Mayor’s Office of Armenia, the Quindio District Municipality.

From the hand of God we will always be protected

I want to share this video with you today, emphasizing that as a mayor I am convinced that faith is an indomitable force. I want to give everyone a piece of peace and know that together with the bishop and other religious leaders, we will bring God’s blessing to every corner of this workspace. We demand respect and unity in prayer, and we assure you that nothing can steal our peace and tranquility because the hand of our Lord is fortified. #EsPaTodos #JoseManuelAlcalde

Posted by Jose Manuel Rios Morales. Tuesday 3 August 2021

Through his Facebook profile, the mayor of Armenia, Jose Manuel Ríos Morales, said that at approximately 11:29 p.m. on Monday, August 2, a security guard suffered “paranormal attack” in a Colombia; So, Let’s play the video in which it is observed The man hit the wall as if he had been pushed.

  • The guard was lying on the ground
  • Try to see what he was “hitting”
  • And shook again vigorously
  • The traveling companions came to help them

After the video was released,paranormal attack” in a Colombia, Ríos Morales commented:

Each one will draw his own conclusions. I want to tell you that the video is available to anyone who wants to conduct an investigation. In the The mayor of Armenia is always working from the hand of God. Archbishop Carlos Arturo Quintero was aware of this operation.”.

paranormal attack” in a Colombia

  • Arturo Quintero will help “bless” the place
  • “We will work hand in hand with God,” said Ríos Morales.

From his Facebook profile, video”paranormal attack” in a Colombia It has been shared 248 times and has over 420 reactions. Rios Morales confirmed.This belief has unprecedented powerAnd the blessing of Arturo Quintero and other religions will bring peace to this ‘workspace’.

“We ask for respect and unity in prayer, and We assure that nothing can be stolen from us Peace and tranquility, because the hand of our Lord is protected..

“Amen, hand in hand with God always”, “We are hand in hand with God and with the mayor”, “Blessing and protection for all”, “I am awake and there, In this mayor’s office, they get scared, it’s scaryWere the comments made by some netizens after watching the video ofparanormal attack” in a Colombia.

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