New York. Birds die after colliding with the towers of the World Trade Center

New York.  Birds die after colliding with the towers of the World Trade Center

New York. – Hundreds of migratory birds through the city New York They died this week after colliding with its glass towers, an episode aired in tweets by an Audubon volunteer in New York City that showed the city’s surroundings. World Trade Center full of bird corpses.

The number of bird deaths this week was especially high, but the birds that hit it Manhattan skyscrapers It is an ongoing problem and the New York City Audubon has documented it for years, said Kaitlin Parkins, deputy director of conservation and science for this group devoted to bird protection in the city.

He said inclement weather from Monday night to Tuesday contributed to the deaths.

“We’ve had a big storm, some weird weather, and a lot of birds, and that’s the perfect combination that can get the birds crashing into the windows,” Parkins said.

“The storm appears to have caused the birds to be lower than they would have been, or simply overwhelmed them,” Parkins added. “The effects of nightlight on birds are also great, especially when the night is cloudy.”

New York City Audubon volunteers document bird deaths at high-risk sites during spring and fall migrations.

Melissa Breyer, a volunteer who tweeted about the discovery of nearly 300 birds on the sidewalks surrounding the new World Trade Center towers, said the experience was “overwhelming.”

“Once I got to the buildings, the birds were everywhere on the sidewalk,” Breyer said. “To the north, it is covered; to the south it is covered. To the west, it is covered. The sidewalks were literally full of birds.”

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New York City Audubon wants owners of the World Trade Center towers and other buildings to help reduce bird strikes by lowering lighting at night and applying a treatment to the glass that makes it more visible to birds.

“Do it in such a way that the birds can see and realize that it is a solid barrier that they cannot fly through,” Parkins said.

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