The hole in the ozone layer continues to grow, it is now larger than Antarctica

The hole in the ozone layer continues to grow, it is now larger than Antarctica

It is known that for several decades, the hole in Ozone Layer Antarctica is one of the biggest problems in the world. environment, So in recent years, an attempt has been made to reduce it as much as possible, and although the trend shows that we have succeeded, this year the hole is getting bigger.

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according to Publishing According to the Guardian, the European Space Station’s Copernicus satellites are constantly monitoring the hole in Ozone Layer And other details about the North and South Pole. It was reported that this year the hole was so large that it covers the entire surface of Antarctica and more. It is important to remember that only two years ago the smallest hole ever recorded was reported.

Its area is estimated at about 22 million square kilometers and it is believed that it could continue to grow in the coming weeks. The maximum peak usually occurs in late September or early October, with the arrival of spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ozone Layer

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Why does this happen?

According to the broker’s post, it turns out that there are several factors to consider:

  • The Ozone Layer It will weaken year after year due to air pollution and weather factors. However, the hole can help to reduce in size.
  • Weather conditions in the Antarctic region this year have not helped reduce the crater.
  • The use of certain chemicals over decades has caused Ozone Layer It will weaken globally. This means that UV rays are not blocked properly and it also makes the planet warmer.

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