Teen ends up in the emergency room after stimulating himself with a USB cable

Teen ends up in the emergency room after stimulating himself with a USB cable

Medical Journal Urology Case Reports Documents a strange case in the United Kingdom where A 15-year-old boy ended up with a foreign body in his urethra Supposedly derived from experiment Sexual. The report shows that the teenager reached hospital So that the USB cable he inserted was removed with the intent of stimulating himself.

After several unsuccessful attempts to extract the cable at home, he had to seek the help of the medical team who made a diagnosis Severe hematuria due to insertion He had to undergo the procedure of observing the inside of the urethra through the cystoscope and fixing the protocol, a complicated situation because the nodule of the inserted body was inside. “It was found that the two remote ports of the USB cable Protruding from the meatus of the external urethraWhile the middle part of the knotted cable remained inside the urethra.”

The publication states that the patient was taken to the urological area of ​​a local hospital after inserting a USB cable through the urethra as a ‘sexual experience’, Something the teenager confessed Once his mother left the office at his request to speak with the doctor. Using X-rays, the exact location of the body was determined and the patient was admitted to the operating room.

The scientific journal explains that although the introduction of foreign bodies into the urethra is not uncommon, it is generally common in people with mental disorder, episodes of intoxication with certain substances and an impulse of sexual curiosity, although the “patient in this case” is a teenager intact and in good condition, No history of mental health disorders“.

The procedure was performed successfully and after postoperative follow up, The patient is stable And without complications, according to the bulletin that will be published in full next November 2021.

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