Not opening borders will also affect the US: AMLO

Not opening borders will also affect the US: AMLO

Mexico’s President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has confirmed that not opening the borders will affect trade in the United States.

“There is a very good relationship and we need each other. The borders cannot be closed for long because there is an economic and social link, which is strategic for Mexico and the United States.”

They are productive chains, and borders cannot be closed. Same in the case of commerce, it has been proven that keeping borders closed for a longer period will end up affecting shopping malls, especially in affected California and Texas. “So I am sure that the borders will be fully opened,” he said at a conference.

Asked about travelers to the United States and other countries that do not recognize some vaccines, the federal president said the government would take steps.

And he continued: “In terms of the type of vaccines, although we are taking Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer, although other vaccines have been applied, we will make arrangements in the United States, and I think we will be listened to.”

Because they are vaccines that have been tested and show their usefulness. I had a vaccination with AstraZeneca and of course I can go, now is not the time, the time, because of my schedule, I have to be here, and I have always said the best foreign policy is domestic policy.”

The United States will make a new donation for vaccines

Lopez Obrador confirmed that there is a very good relationship with the United States and they will send a new donation of COVID-19 vaccines to the country.

“We have the same level of vaccination that we have in California, the same level in Baja California and across the border. We have similar vaccination conditions, and they’ve already been met and this week we finished Tamaulipas, with Pfizer, the first dose, and there are conditions.

They help us and we appreciate that. Remember, Johnson & Johnson has sent us and they will send us a new donation, more vaccines, I can’t say more, but they have already demonstrated their decision to help, and there are very good relations with the United States,” he said at the conference.

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