ORH Webinar 12/04: “The Physical and Emotional Health of Your Employees: Monitoring KPIS” – ORH

ORH Webinar 12/04: “The Physical and Emotional Health of Your Employees: Monitoring KPIS” – ORH

According to WHO data, it is estimated that 12 billion working days are lost each year due to depression and anxiety. This represents a cost of nearly a trillion dollars worldwide.

In Spain, 1 in 2 workers have considered leaving their job because they feel it is affecting their mental health And 27% quit their jobs for this reason. According to the data from the latest European health survey, in our country there are 2.1 million people presenting a bleak picture.

At an ORH webinar titled “The Physical and Emotional Health of Your Employees: Monitoring KPIS,” in collaboration with Egon, Let’s talk about mental health in the company. Specifically, we will try to give Keys to identifying and taking measures to prevent this problem.

According to Aegon’s own data collected in the V Study of Health and Lifestyle:

  • Almost 90% of Spaniards say they have experienced some symptoms of depression or anxiety in the past year.
  • Almost a quarter of the Spanish population (22.9%) showed symptoms consistent with a possible depressive state.
  • 28.8% of the women surveyed and 26.8% of the men met the criteria for a possible depressive state.

Based on that, we will review at the medical level along with Alvar Okano, medical director at AegonData and the impact of mental health, especially in companies. We will enter hand in hand Mª Victoria Oñate, Director of Egon Collectionsin knowing the tools that allow taking care of the mental, physical and emotional health of the workforce, and the KPIS follow-up analysis that allows measuring the achievement of results.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • Why alarm bells are ringing about mental health today.
  • What can we companies do to address and take action in this situation.
  • How we find out that our employees are experiencing mental health symptoms and how we can prevent them.
  • What are the key indicators that we can measure to know the initial state and progression of the physical and mental health status of our workforce.

Agenda and speakers

→ Date: 12 April 2023, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (CEST).

→ Speakers:

  • Mª Victoria OñateAnd Aegon Group Manager.
  • Dr. Alvar OkanoAnd Aegon Medical Director.

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