PayPhone allows a new link for Open Collections | Economy | News

PayPhone allows a new link for Open Collections |  Economy |  News

public telephoneUse-based, instant payment and collection system platform smart phones, maybe New post for its users. It comes to Open shipping linkwhich will allow receiving payments in any amount, using the same link for all fees without creating a new payment for each customer.

Depending on the characteristics, it will not expire, it is unlimited and ideal for making donations, collecting debts, selling services or products, among other regular payments, the company explained.

PayPhone, a payment system through smartphones, grew by 460% in transactions during the pandemic

“With this tool, we are making payments more accessible and convenient for everyone, which is a great step forward in our mission to democratize access to financial services. Although our payment link has been well received in 2022, we are certain that This new capability will also succeed because of the functionality it provides.” Juan Jose Espinosa, General Manager, Payphone.

to me Open shipping linkAnd Espinoza indicated that it is a link that allows entering the required amount for any user or customer to make a payment, that is, it can be available on any social network for the person who creates it to facilitate transactions.

Links created through Payphone, depending on the platform, have 3DS and PCI certificates, which guarantee the protection of personal data and thus prevent fraud.

The tool is offered as a solution for entrepreneurs, freelance professionals, as well as people who offer products or services online, through WhatsApp or social networks, because this allows them to ship through a single link in an unlimited way, for example, if you post in the resume Or the profile will become a file E-Commerce.

PayPhone is also used in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Honduras, Spain, Italy and the United States. (YO)

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