Police attack people with disabilities in the metrobus; Already commented

Police attack people with disabilities in the metrobus;  Already commented

A policeman from the Citizen Security Secretariat denounced his assault and denial of access to metrobus to two people with disabilities.

The events were recorded at the San Lázaro station and were recorded in a videotape that was broadcast on the account Deaf pool.

In the recording, the policeman is seen taking a young man by the neck while indicating that he is not listening and showing him his ID.

“I won’t let you get on the plane, you’re wrong. I won’t leave you, jump…. That way you won’t get on the plane or pull out”, is heard in the video.

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In the second recording, it is shown how the man in uniform continues to attack people on the podium.

Looking at the facts, the general manager of Metrobus, Roberto Capuanoreported that the police officer was submitted to the Internal Affairs of the Citizen Security Secretariat, and a request was made to remove him from the aforementioned transfer and It has already been suspended.

He indicated that he shares his anger over the incident and apologized to the people who were attacked on behalf of the regime.

In a statement, Metrobús stated that its goal is to be an accessible and inclusive mobility option for residents, “for which it condemns the officer’s way of acting and considers the treatment users receive to be unacceptable.”

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He commented that after the attack, support was provided to those affected and medical attention was sought for the injured young man.

He pointed out that the transportation system with the Ministry of Citizen Security and the Support of the Institute of Persons with Disabilities (No Disability) and the Council for the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination in the City (Cobride) will strengthen the protocols to serve persons with disabilities. who use the service.

Police abuse will not be allowed: Sheinbaum

On his part, the Prime Minister Claudia Sheinbaumindicated that no police abuse or discrimination would be tolerated.

He indicated at a conference that the police officer had already been punished and that contact with the person who was attacked was still being investigated.

“Metrobús has developed various procedures to be able to serve people with disabilities; so of course we will not allow the police to mistreat or discriminate in any way.”

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