Real Madrid: Kroos and an exercise in professionalism on another European night

Real Madrid: Kroos and an exercise in professionalism on another European night

I changed the order of the factors but the result was the same. This time it was Benzema’s goal that put the eggs ahead early, and the next minute it was Courtois’ turn to save to neutralize a possible equaliser.. He rides a lot, rides a lot: everything starts with the Belgian goalkeeper and ends with the French striker, right on their set date when the Champions League music plays.

They claim to be the best at what they do.

Like Carvajal who finished his best game in a long time and overcame those physical problems

Which has been bothering him a lot for a good part of the past few seasons… until the arrival of European nights. Ah is another who always shows up. Against Chelsea he was decisive in attack, delivering a perfect cross at 1-0, solid and reliable in defence, and always predictable.

By the way, the attackers’ high pressure and Real Madrid’s defensive withdrawal are all fantastic. In the end, it will become clear that in addition to self-management and bantering with Brazilian children, Ancelotti has a good staff. What are the things.

Then there is a file

Vinicius, a separate issue. If it’s impossible to stop on his own (unless you’re Araujo or they let you hurt him one by one until he loses focus), when he finds a referee who applies the regulations without consideration and takes the defender’s card five minutes later, the party inevitably starts to disintegrate there.

Because Vinnie goes once. and another. and another. and another. Until it drives you crazy, which it did last night with Fofana first and Rhys James second.

Now the Brazilian is an attacking system in itself

, a nuclear button that triggers panic in rivals every time it is encountered. Real Madrid didn’t need a spear to get their equalizer on track. This time I resorted to

An exercise in professionalism, clean and neat work, applying at all times what the party demands. And at that the best is always a crossover

, who again played from the engine room with the match map on his head. Cut and detail. London remains. but

Chelsea have to change a lot to change it. Starting with Joao Felix doesn’t make sense.

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