Rent an apartment on Airbnb and discover hidden camera recording

Rent an apartment on Airbnb and discover hidden camera recording

Every time you want to get out of the routine and discover new places, you should plan in a lot aspects of travelsuch as expenses, food, travel, but above all a place to sleep, i.e. accommodation.

Previously you only had options Hotels And the hostelmost of which you can make a reservation online or a call Telephone. However, today there are other options, such as spaces rented by people who live in the place you are going to visit, and whom you can contact thanks to services such as airbnb.

However, you should always check with the place you want to rent, either to see if you like it, or if it doesn’t have any item out of context.

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A young man finds a hidden camera in his rented apartment, and the video spread quickly

recently switched Widely On tik tokthe case of the girl who decided to stay in an Airbnb space, and in which she had an unpleasant experience, since she found out that she was filmed with a hidden camera.

through the platform short videosthe user Tweet embed It showed that someone was trying to record her without her consent.

through a viral clipThe girl indicated that she noticed a strange device inside the toilet that was placed in one of the electrical outlets, which was a box generally used to connect a cell phone charging cable. However, when connected, it did not work, which aroused the girl’s suspicion.

when checking Devicethe young woman discovered that he was small camera Camouflaged in the charger. The artifact was her SD memory insertedWhere everything he recorded is stored.

In its video, tiktoker stated, “Someone is about to be charged with the crime of gaseous recording in our Airbnb bathroom,” while a police officer can be seen taking statements in the background.

Although the discovery Brittany He did not blame the one who rented the place, as he considered that it must be someone who enters the place regularly, and perhaps the cleaning service personnel.

The Video I have already transformed Widely On tik tokand already has more than 35 thousand “likes”more than 650 comments and almost 600 thousand copies.


Found a hidden cam in our Airbnb bathroom and for some reason it got deleted, so here it is again

♬ original sound – brittany

Airbnb responds to hidden cam viral case

after tiktoker Submit such a complaint in tik tok and the video It will spread quicklythe company airbnb He proved his position on this fact.

Through a statement sent to the Newsweek portal, an Airbnb spokesperson noted that the app “strictly prohibits ‘hidden cameras’, as well as recording devices of any kind in private spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. We take this claim seriously and our security team is working on it.” fully investigative specialist.

But this woman’s experience is not unique. In 2019, a couple sued the San Diego Airbnb owner after they found three hidden cameras inside the bathroom and bedroom of their rental home. That same year, tourist Max Fest claimed to have found cameras in front of his bed in a Miami Airbnb.

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