Representatives renamed the Ministry of Communications and Transportation

Representatives renamed the Ministry of Communications and Transportation

Mexico City /

The plenum of the House of Representatives unanimously approved, by 451 votes, the presidential initiative to Change the name of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (Standing Committee) as the Infrastructure, Communications and Transport Secretariat.

Draft amendments to the Basic Law for the Federal Public Administration It was referred to the Senate of the Republic for final analysis and approval.

According to the opinion, the reform proposed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is possible and appropriate to change it in a timely manner, due to the need to update and clarify the above-mentioned Secretariat designations, Without modifying, canceling or increasing its powers, powers and obligations.

The legislators have agreed with the executive authority on the appropriateness of amending the agency’s name, “so that its name determines the three main areas of its jurisdiction, given the historical importance it entails in public work.”

The President of the Republic stressed, in his initiative, on the level of infrastructure, the Ministry of Communications and Transportation Focuses efforts to establish, maintain, plan, develop and manage the national highway inventoryBy maintaining the national road network and promoting the development of a modern, safe and high-quality road infrastructure.

With the aim of increasing the competitiveness of the economy, promoting national and regional development, expanding communication and eliminating the isolation of rural communities through correcting and effective Application of budget resources and association plans The public private sector to finance this infrastructure, in order to provide better service to highway users in the country.


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