Sansoris accuses Alito Moreno of arranging media interviews

Sansoris accuses Alito Moreno of arranging media interviews

Leda Sansoris, governor of Campeche, re-launched an audio clip of Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI, showing how he was supposed to have arranged interviews with the media.

Sansoris confirms that Moreno Cardenas is in the audio with Adrien de la Garza, who was the PRI candidate for governor of Nuevo Leon, and director of Formula Radio, who explains to him how electoral crises can be dealt with in the media.

“We organize a series (of interviews) with all our women, and they show up all over the state with Telefórmula. Enter it and we finish with all the news you tell me,” says the director to Moreno Cardenas.

In another segment of the audio recording, PRI leader De la Garza asks how things went with Joaquín López Dóriga.

– How did Joaquin treat you? asks Moreno Cardenas.

– more or less! De la Garza answers.

– Net assholes asked you. He wanted us to break Clara Luz’s mother!

Finally, the person who shows him the media tour, as is known a series of interviews on various television or radio shows, tells him that he can “sneak” some questions.

“You know what we can do, here among friends, the questions you want to ask, I’ll put them in.”

Alejandro Moreno Audios

Sansores offered the audio despite the fact that Alejandro Cárdenas obtained a file Final comment So that the governor of Campeche could not issue leaflets against him.

Judge Gabriel Regis Lopez, of the 16th District Court for Administrative Matters in Mexico City, approved the procedure while the case for protection on substance is being adjudicated.

“The final comment requested in respect of the alleged acts identified in the first result is granted, for the reasons set forth in the last reading of this decision,” the decision reads.

According to the judge’s criteria, the alleged acts are “statements, appearances and comments referring to the complaining party, their transmission, publication and dissemination through their official social networks”.

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