Scientists have created a powerful laser capable of deflecting rays – Enseñame de Ciencia

Scientists have created a powerful laser capable of deflecting rays – Enseñame de Ciencia

Natural disasters are events that have plagued life on the planet since its creation and there is no way to prevent or predict their occurrence, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and others.

Lightning is one of the events of nature that has become a problem for the world in general.

What are x-rays?

Lightning is a discharge of electricity that occurs during an electrical storm article, “During a storm, the collision of rain, snow, or snow particles within the clouds increases the imbalance between the clouds and the ground. These shocks cause a separation of electrical charges, where the positive charge (protons) remains at the top of the cloud while the negative charge (electrons) remains below.” .

How does lightning affect humanity?

Lightning is one of the leading causes of weather-related deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC), Men are five times more likely to be struck by lightning than women; about 85% of deaths due to lightning occur in men.

Lightning, which strikes between 40 and 120 times per second around the world, kills more than 4,000 people and causes millions of dollars in damage each year.

Lightning is also responsible for fires and damage to infrastructure such as airports, power plants or space launch pads, among others.

However, this may be a problem from the past, thanks to the fact that a group of researchers has developed a powerful laser capable of changing the direction of rays.

The research is shaping up to be an effective protection against lightning strikes, and protection for people most exposed to this natural phenomenon.

the study It was published by the journal Nature Photonics and details that this laser is capable of changing the direction of rays in the sky.

Nowadays, there is only one protection against lightning strikes and that is the lightning rod, an invention invented by the American musicologist Benjamin Franklin, in 1749. It is a device intended to attract an ionized lightning bolt from the air to conduct the discharge. towards the ground, so as not to cause harm to people or buildings.

However, with the creation of the new and powerful 20cm laser beam that allows the beams to be controlled and redirected at a distance of about 50m, the story could change.

“We wanted to show for the first time that a laser can act on a beam, and that it’s easier to direct,” he said. comment Aurelien Houard, a physicist at the Laboratory of Applied Optics at the ENSTA Institute in Paris and lead author of the study.

The object was photographed from the top of the Swiss Alps, on Mount Santis and works by creating plasma, so that ions and electrons heat the air, turning the latter into a conductor of lightning.

Equipment installed by scientists over the Swiss Alps.

Without a doubt, this research represents a success for scientists, who can have in their hands the perfect tool for preventing deaths and accidents.

For more information consult the journal Nature photonics

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