The strategic focus of organizations

The strategic focus of organizations

We live in a changing context, where it is increasingly important for companies to have a portfolio Organizational wellness strategywith the purpose of retain the talent of its workersAnd give them the best Conditions in a good working environment. For this it is necessary to have a file Specialized and qualified trainingwhich allows applying the most appropriate tools for designing the roadmap and integrating that culture into the organization.

This learning is what we find in Master of Strategic Management in Organizational Well-being (DEBO)which is now in its fifth edition and which combines the skills and technical knowledge of more than 35 highly regarded facilitators at the national and international levels in areas like LeadershipCommunications, Marketing, Personal Brand Sustainability, Digitization, Diversity, Matchmaking, Transformation and Talent Development or Neuro Happiness, among others. Always under the rigor granted by the scientific method, Drawn from Positive Occupational Psychologyto provide Management Forms for Health and Personnel, Organizational Wellness Certification Forms and the HERO (Healthy and Resilient Organizations) Form.

Marisa Salanova, Teresa Vigo, Ignacio Fernandez, Miguel Angel Diaz, Eva Collado, Belen Varela, Joan Bacardi or Paloma Fuentes They are some of the teachers who teach the classes in this master’s degree, which has Innovative training system, with live lessons, and mentorship And the possibility of attendance Conferences, conferences and events, learn about their good practices from leading companiesFavor networks, and participate in community to participate of ideas and experiences within the framework of organizational well-being.

This year, he has a DEBO Master Integration into the teaching team with Juan Carlos Cubeiro, Santiago Vázquez or lvaro MerinoAnd and in the individual training area with Mate Chi, Laura Chica and Elisa Escuriola. In addition, another innovation that is part of this edition is that it has been granted Two scholarships for recognized positive managers In the VIII Optimista Hospital Foundation Awardswho will obtain a master’s degree with students, Directed by Carmen Soler and Mercedes Aznarwhich has Reputable international partners And that after five editions it became a reality A training reference for all those who want to lead change in their organizations.

The students who are participating this year in training are Executives and those interested in humane management models, managers and those responsible for the prevention of occupational risks, human resources and corporate social responsibility, those responsible for organizational well-being and professionals associated with consulting, I come from Spain and others Countries such as Mexico, the United States, Chile and Ecuador.

Carmen Soler confirm that “Interest in how to build Wellbeing culture thrives in the face of a scenario in which companies must face significant challenges in this year 2023 in which worker wellbeing has come to the foreBeing one of its main strategic axes. It has been proven that the higher the job satisfaction, the higher the productivity and the less absenteeism and sick leave, so investing in health is synonymous with progress, growth and commitment to a healthy and more competitive environment as well.”

For more information and registration for the DEBO Master Sixth Edition, see this Link.

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