Political science career in Panama

Political science career in Panama

“For us, it is premature and worrisome to lift this law […]”

Since 2015 and 2016, Professor Raul González (QEPD), one of the leading promoters of the original Constituent Assembly and the independent candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic in our country, a great patriot, has had the respect to motivate us to enter political life. Sciences at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of the University of Panama, which so far had its first graduates in 2017. That year, a large group of enthusiastic students agreed to enroll, all coming from different ideological political currents. Duly constituted with an updated academic plan and with a first class faculty, its main directors are Professors Hernando Franco, Rubén Rodríguez Patiño, eminent jurist Anayansi Turner and Professor Raúl González.

Certainly, re-energizing ourselves as students and returning to our study home was a huge emotion and immediately made the difference between the new and modern teaching methodology, kept us in the rhythm and enriched the continuous learning.

In the end, we’re only left with a few (like) at the end of our career in 2020 with six promotions. After many immeasurable sacrifices and efforts, we were able to move forward. In the middle of the epidemic, we finished the academic plan, becoming the second. I am currently a political science graduate and have officially graduated in my third year. And the fourth. Promote this noble, demanded and necessary profession.

All of them are well trained so far, and choose different graduation methods to get the title and qualify legally.

Currently, there is controversy due to the unexpected and unpopular Bill No. 119 approved by the Labor, Health and Social Development Committee in the National Assembly, which has led to the rejection of the majority of us, as graduates, and from society and individuals. Political organizations, arguing that freedom of expression is restricted.

For us, it is premature and worrisome to raise this bill for the following reasons:

• The draft was not discussed or issued by our college, let alone our participation.

• Relevant criteria such as the current number of suitable political scientists in our country have not been considered. Currently, there can be at most 40 and only three alumni at the University of Panama.

• There is no union, association or collective body at the national level of political scientists that can contribute to meeting the necessary requirements.

• It is not specified who or who will grant the appropriateness.

• Supporters are not political scientists and do not represent us.

• Reading Project is a faithful copy of its predecessors that regulated professions in Panama, being a perfect “copy and paste”.

With this brief explanation, we strongly oppose the approval of the said law. We have spoken with the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Political Science, Hernando Franco, who has given us light and support for our reasonable, academic and structured position according to the criteria set, thus broadening our criteria for objecting to the said project.

What is proposed has distinct electoral characteristics and lacks a rationale based on coherent political-philosophical principles.

The political science profession depends on strengthening institutions and identifying and analyzing political phenomena, always supported by social sciences as loyal helpers who nurture and seek the sincere development of the state. We demand the immediate withdrawal of this document from the legislative body, and we are against it and we are not aware of it.

Argelis Ospino, Elizabeth Ward, Samuel Prado Franco, Renato Mojica, and Pedro Moreno-Patiño are political science graduates from the University of Panama.

independent citizen.

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