SDS maintains working with citizen science, knowledge and species conservation | News

Enjoy a Naturalist tour through the trails and valley in Cuernavaca

The Naturalist Tour was carried out with great success, and achieved the participation of citizens who enjoyed walking for about three hours, along the trails in the Bosque neighborhood and the Atzingo Valley in Cuernavaca.

Biodiversity Director at the State Commission on Biodiversity (Coesbio) of the Secretariat for Sustainable Development (SDS), Liliana Fuentes Vargas, reports that a group of 17 people were brought together who were fascinated by the experience.

“We observed a great diversity of fungi, among them species of the genus Amanita. We also recorded beetles, scorpions and a spiny lizard. In addition to a tree frog of the genus Sarcohyla and another of the genus Acris,” the official commented.

He added that the records obtained by natural scientists will be uploaded to the Naturalist platform where it will help experts to identify them, as well as learn more about biodiversity and develop research that promotes its conservation.

Liliana Fuentes, who was invited to follow up on the following calls, said that through actions like these, the Morelos government continues to work on the various lines of action related to citizen science, knowledge, and conservation of species that make up the biodiversity of the state’s flora, fauna and wildlife.

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