Selling Sunset Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler

Selling Sunset Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Spoiler

In the pantheon of reality television, few shows have made a splash as massive and resounding as Netflixs Selling Sunset. With its high glamour quotient, stunning properties, and a cast of characters thats as intriguing as they are attractive, this real estate-based series has become a cultural phenomenon.

Selling Sunset is a docu-soap series that follows a group of Los Angeles realtors as they navigate their professional and personal lives, centered around the lavish and often dramatic world of high-end real estate.

Quick Facts about the series

  • No of Seasons – 6
  • First Episode – March 21 2019
  • Genre – Reality
  • Where to Watch – Netflix
  • Season 7 Update -Confirmed

Recap of the Previous Season

Season 6 of Selling Sunset was quite an emotional roller-coaster ride, fraught with intense office drama, heartbreak, and rivalries that kept the viewers on the edge of their seats. The highlight of the season was the spectacular exits of Christine Quinn and Maya Vander, two characters who had been staples of the show since its inception. Their departure from The Oppenheim Group left fans speculating about the fate of the reality series.

But it wasnt just about exits. Season 6 also saw the entry of Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young, bringing in fresh energy and a different dynamic to the show. Both new members proved to be quite the fan favourites with their business acumen and on-screen charm.

Popularity of the Show

The shows popularity has surged ever since its premiere in March 2019. It has not just been a hit among the audience but also with critics, who have praised the show for its unique blend of reality TV, drama, and insightful glimpses into the world of luxury real estate.

Not to mention, its striking cast and their interpersonal dynamics have been a significant part of its appeal. From the picturesque Los Angeles skyline to the eye-popping interior designs, Selling Sunset offers a visual feast that is hard to resist.

Renewal Status of Season 7

In a move that thrilled fans, Netflix announced a double renewal for the show in June 2022, securing its run for seasons 6 and 7. The news was received with much enthusiasm by the cast members and viewers alike. Although details about Season 7 remain largely under wraps, it is expected to bring a new surge of drama, business, and the ever-engaging personal life sagas.

Release Date of Season 7

Netflix has yet to announce a specific release date for Selling Sunset Season 7, but given that filming has already started, its expected to be launched soon. The production timeline suggests that we might see a release before the year ends or mostly by start of the next year.

Cast of Season 7

Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young, who were introduced in Season 6, will be returning for Season 7, as confirmed during their casting announcement.

While the rest of the cast hasnt been officially confirmed by Netflix, its expected that key members such as Jason Oppenheim, Brett Oppenheim, Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause, and Amanza Smith will be back.

However, Heather Rae El Moussas return seems to be hanging in the balance, as she revealed during an interview with E! News in March 2023.

Spoiler for Season 7

As the season 7 plot remains shrouded in mystery, the biggest anticipation revolves around the office dynamics in the wake of Christine Quinn and Maya Vanders departure. With Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young having cemented their place in The Oppenheim Group, the series might delve deeper into their professional journey and personal lives.

Ratings of the Show

Selling Sunset has garnered commendable ratings since its inception, with an IMDb score of 6.5 and an approval rating of 88% among viewers, reflecting its popularity among the masses.

Review of the Show

The show offers an irresistible mix of luxury, glamour, and interpersonal drama, all set against the backdrop of breathtaking real estate properties. Its a reality series that is as much about its characters and their interrelationships as it is about selling high-end properties.

The narratives are engaging, the drama intense, and the setting visually stunning, making Selling Sunset a true gem in the reality TV realm.

Where to Watch

Selling Sunset is exclusively available to stream on Netflix. Whether youre new to the series or looking to catch up on the drama before Season 7, you can tune in to all previous seasons on the platform.


In conclusion, Selling Sunset continues to enthrall viewers with its unique blend of high-end real estate and reality drama. The upcoming Season 7, with its mix of familiar and new faces, is poised to bring more of the intrigue, luxury, and interpersonal dynamics that fans have come to love.

As we await more official news about Season 7, one things for certain: the world of Selling Sunset continues to shine brightly, one season at a time.


  1. Who is Bres baby daddy in Selling Sunset?

Bre Tiesi, a cast member of Selling Sunset, has a child with NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel. The couple got married in 2018, but Bre filed for divorce in 2019. Despite the separation, they have continued to co-parent their child.

  1. Is Chrishell in Season 7?

Chrishell Stause, being a key member of the show, is expected to return for the new season.

  1. Why was Nicole not on Selling Sunset before?

Nicole Young made her first appearance on Selling Sunset in Season 6. The reason why she wasnt a part of the show earlier isnt explicitly stated, but it could be because the shows producers were looking to introduce new dynamics and characters into the series. Prior to her debut on Selling Sunset, Nicole Young had a successful career as a real estate agent and she brought her expertise and unique personality to the show in the 6th season.

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