Sleeping Dog Season 2: Release Date, Renewal Updates, & More


Mystery. Drama. Intrigue. These elements form the cornerstone of an engaging TV series. One such series that has the audience clung to the edges of their seats is the German detective thriller, Sleeping Dog.

Directed by Stephan Lacant and written by Christoph Darnstädt, Sleeping Dog (Original Title: Schlafende Hunde) combines an enthralling plot with compelling characters, pulling viewers into a whirlpool of suspense and excitement.

As we delve deeper into the series, let’s peek into the cryptic world of Sleeping Dog and offer insights into the eagerly anticipated Season 2.

Quick Facts

  • No Of Season : 1
  • Release Date: To be released soon
  • Language: Germany
  • Genre: Drama, Crime, Mystery, & Thriller
  • Where to watch: Netflix
  • Rating: 6.4/10 (IMDb)

Popularity of the Show

Ever since its debut, Sleeping Dog has witnessed skyrocketing popularity, owing to its meticulously woven storyline, powerful performances, and its ability to keep viewers guessing.

Whether it’s the complex character of the fallen detective, Mike Atlas, or the promising lawyer, Jule Andergast, each role has been a standout, adding to the series’ overall appeal.

The show has effectively catered to the audience’s appetite for slow-burning, twist-filled narratives, proving to be a weekend (and weekday) delight.

Renewal Status of Sleeping Dog Season 2

As of the current date, the renewal status of Sleeping Dog Season 2 is still unconfirmed. The potential for a second season largely hinges on factors like viewership numbers and critical reviews, leaving fans waiting in anticipation for Netflix’s official word.

Release Date of Sleeping Dog Season 2

Sleeping Dog Season 1 first aired on Netflix on June 22, 2023, encompassing a total of six gripping episodes. Each episode unfolds a new layer of suspense, keeping the audience hooked for more. there was no official release date announced for Sleeping Dog Season 2.

Cast Details of Sleeping Dog Season 2

The returning cast from the first season would likely be back if a second season were to be commissioned.

The cast includes some notable names from the German entertainment industry, such as Max Riemelt as Mike Atlas, Luise von Finckh as Jule Andergast, and Peri Baumeister as Lenni Atlas, amongst others.

However, without an official announcement or details regarding the production status of the second season, it would be speculative to provide more detailed information.

Sleeping Dog Season 2 Spoiler

While Netflix has billed Sleeping Dog as a limited series, there’s still an air of anticipation about a potential Season 2. Given the many layers of the plot and characters, there’s room to explore the backgrounds of characters like Jule Andergast and Mike’s family.

Additionally, the mysteries unraveled in the first season could pave the way for new, intriguing cases in a potential Season 2.

Sleeping Dog Season 1 Recap

Sleeping Dog Season 1 begins with an unanticipated meeting between Mike Atlas, a former detective whose life has crumbled down to living among the homeless, and Jule Andergast, a promising young prosecutor. Jule seeks Mike’s help on an old, unsolved murder case that she’s been handed.

As they begin working together, the duo quickly realize that their case is far from being just another murder. The victim’s past reveals a web of deceptions, betrayals, and secrets, suggesting that the murder was merely the tip of an iceberg hiding a massive conspiracy.

As Mike and Jule delve deeper, they find the conspiracy reaching into their own lives. Mysterious figures from Mike’s past resurface, and it becomes apparent that his fall from grace wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed. An old nemesis, perhaps, or a betrayal closer to home? The answers, we find, are far more complex and dark.

Simultaneously, Jule’s life becomes a whirlwind as well. She discovers that her promotion to handle the murder case was not due to her skills or competence but a machination to set her up for failure. Yet, the ever-resilient Jule decides to fight back, not just for her career, but for truth and justice.

In parallel, we also get glimpses into Mike’s personal life – his broken family, his strained relationship with his daughter Lenni, and his struggles with addiction.

Through a series of flashbacks and confrontations, we see a man battling his past and grappling with the idea of redemption. However, the season finale throws his life into chaos, pushing Mike towards a path that promises danger and, possibly, a chance to right some wrongs.

The season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving several questions unanswered. The conspiracy, it appears, has only begun to unravel. Mike’s past is catching up with him, and Jule finds herself in the crosshairs of powerful enemies.

As the curtain falls on Season 1, viewers are left eagerly waiting for what comes next in this thrilling journey of Sleeping Dog.

Ratings of the Show

Sleeping Dog has garnered a decent rating of 6.4 on IMDb, signaling its lukewarm response from the audience. Although the series has received mixed reviews, its suspense-driven plot has managed to engage the viewers, particularly those who enjoy narratives that build slowly with time.

Review of the Show

From the outset, Sleeping Dog promises an intriguing thriller filled with suspenseful moments. The series offers a break from the mundane and successfully immerses viewers into its intricately crafted plot.

Though it falls slightly short in terms of maintaining its suspense throughout, the series still makes for a riveting watch.

Where to Watch

You can catch all the gripping episodes of Sleeping Dog on Netflix. Given the suspense and drama the series has in store, it’s definitely worth adding to your watchlist.

More Interesting Things About Sleeping Dog Season 2

While speculations are rife about Season 2, the prospect of delving deeper into the characters’ past lives, exploring fresh mysteries, and continuing the journey of revealing truths make the anticipation even more exciting.

The ending of Season 1 has opened up numerous possibilities, leaving fans eager for the next chapter in the Sleeping Dog saga.


While we wait for official news about Sleeping Dog Season 2, one thing’s for sure – the show has left an indelible impression on the audience.

Through its engaging narrative, well-drafted characters, and a storyline that unfurls slowly but steadily, Sleeping Dog has successfully carved a niche for itself in the world of mystery thrillers. Let’s stay tuned for what the future holds for this captivating series

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