“Someone should worry about young people who want to study medicine or nursing”

“Someone should worry about young people who want to study medicine or nursing”

I have 17 years And like any student Second year of high school What worries me the most today is futureAnd that’s what hurts him pandemic Which we’ve been living with for two years.

Me and my colleagues side effects from the virus that we have affected In many areas: booking, online lessons, restrictions At leisure and in relationships with family or friends. Most of us complied with systems We were established Lost Graduation ceremonies and end-of-semester trips, to which we will never return, while policy makers They have forgotten our future. I feel great they Because of the effect of the covid virus on Educational system And in university places for health jobs which I aspire to.

After all that happened in these difficult years, the Lack of health personnel Medicine, Nursing and the phenomenal need to What are you born? The new arenas To access university degrees through which order is restored in the coming years. Given that very existing places Limited It is not easily accessible high note What is required to enter a profession like Medicine Can result in a student preparing for selectivity a An elusive challenge.Enthusiastic people We are like me facing a system unfair choice To be able to train ourselves in what we have for it Profession, with the great demand of the existing community, by not creating Required places To make us compete in silly fight To reach the desired ellipsis.

My generation and I are ready to direct our future to Work for the community We need a chance to train ourselves in what society needs, and someone has to worry about facilitating that.

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