The Ministry of Science has launched a call for energy transformation projects – Unidiversidad

The Ministry of Science has launched a call for energy transformation projects – Unidiversidad

The National Renewable Energy Group, a public-private initiative, has representation from five jurisdictions, including Mendoza, and seeks to promote the production of goods, technologies and services associated with generating electricity from renewable sources.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, together with the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation (R + D + i), launched Calling “Energy Transition Strategic Projects”, in the National Renewable Bloc, which seeks to “promote structural change in the national energy system,” the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation said today.

National Renewable Energy Blocpublic-private initiative, It has representation from five jurisdictions (San Juan, Rio Negro, La Rioja, Neuquén and Mendoza) It seeks to “prefer the production of goods, technologies and services related to the generation of electricity from renewable sources.”clarified by the Ministry.

“Strategic Projects for Energy Transition” is an initiative of the Agency for Research and Development and is funded by 1,000 million pesos By awarding non-refundable contributions (ANR).

At the same time, Intended for public-private partnerships or public-private partnerships, consisting of at least one public, private, and not-for-profit scientific and technological enterprise to focus on projects that enhance its local scientific and technological capabilities for the national energy transition process.

The Argentine Sector Fund (Fonasec) will be responsible for structuring the national regulatory bodies To ensure the processes necessary for separation, disbursement, and technical and financial follow-up.

According to the Ministry of Productive Development, this initiative is expected to create 2,250 direct jobs and more than 4,000 indirect jobs.

Invitation proposals focus on the following lines: solar thermal energy for industrial applications; wind energy for electricity generation; biofuel production; development of the lithium-hydrogen value chain; Single motion technology development and network integration for the previously mentioned energies.

They emphasized from the science file that “it is expected to develop knowledge and technologies that contribute to caring for the environment, and contribute to improving and clarifying the country’s scientific, technological and industrial capabilities.”

moreover, Seeks to reduce dependence on fossil fuels in energy production.

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Daniel Filmus Speak positively about the initiative.

“This call for proposals from R + D + i agency is going in the direction of deepening public and private developments In terms of the energy transition, which is characterized by the National Science, Technology and Innovation 2030 Plan,” said the minister.

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