Sophia was left alone in the world. His entire family was killed while trying to flee Ukraine

Simon was one of three brothers who died after being hospitalized for 72 hours At a clinic he is ‘fighting for his life’, after he and his family ‘tried to flee Ukraine’ in a car, according to information collected by the British newspaper The Telegraph.

According to the media, Simon is the younger brother of Polina who was “killed” with her parents, after the car in which they “tried to escape through the north-east of Kyiv” came under “fire by Russian reconnaissance and sabotage forces”.

Simon, who was the “permanent survivor” of the apparent massacre, was dispatched To Akhmatdet Children’s Hospital Together with the younger sister of the family, Sophia, a close relative of the family told in an interview.

The parents, who, according to the newspaper, are veterinarians, respond to names Anton Kudrin and Svetlana Zapadinskaya, They died “on the spot as a result of the shots” with Paulina, their middle daughter.

So far, Sophia, 13, is still in a critical condition in hospital, already an orphan and “without knowing that she lost her entire family.”

According to United Nations data, which was reported by the newspaper, Polina was one of eight Ukrainian children killed so far during the conflict and the first to be named “officially” by the organization.

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