Russia announces a temporary ceasefire and opens humanitarian corridors

Russia announces a temporary ceasefire and opens humanitarian corridors

Russia ad Temporary ceasefire from 10:00 am. Moscow To open humanitarian corridors that allow the evacuation of the civilian population in cities Mariupol And the Volnovakiain east Ukraine.

“Today, March 5, a ceasefire was announced from 10:00 a.m. Moscow time and the opening of Human corridors The Ministry of Defense said.

According to the official TASS news agency, the runners Humanitarian and ways evacuation An agreement was made with Ukraine, which has not yet confirmed the Russian information.

There were no official reports on this so far. UkraineHe pointed out on his account Telegram of Anton GerashchenkoAdvisor to the Ministry of Interior.

However, the city council Mariupol And he wrote on his account on Telegram, minutes after the Russian announcement that “the moment of opening the humanitarian corridor and the beginning of the Be calm The city is currently underway.

“This will allow the restoration of critical infrastructure in village (Electricity, water and mobile communications). It will also be possible to provide Mariupol essential products and medicines,” the mayor noted Vadim Boychenko.

Russia and Ukraine agreed to open humanitarian corridors in the second round of negotiations held by the delegations of the two countries on Thursday in the region Belarusian And declaring a temporary cease-fire in those places to allow this.

Boychenko had announced at dawn on Saturday that the possibility of a Opening from U.S human corridor Mariupol, on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov and blocked by Russian troops.

Friday for the fifth day on the city of the region Donetsk, With approximately 450,000 inhabitants, it was besieged by Russian forces.

Volnovaja is located 65 km north of Mariupol.

“while we are solving” human problems And we are looking for all possible ways to get Mariupol out of the siege, our respected Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, Azov Regiment, Marines, Border Guards, Sea Guards, police and rescuers stand as a reliable shield on the outskirts of the city ”, wrote the mayor in the last part of the night.

“Our defenders (…) do not allow invaders to enter Mariupollocated in the southeast of the country.

The mayor said early Thursday that the city have found on the brink ofcatastrophe Humanitarian”, where Mariupol was left without electricity, water and heating due to the constant bombing of the house army Russian.

With information from EFE

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