Spanish entrepreneurship “migrate” to the United States | business men

Spanish entrepreneurship “migrate” to the United States |  business men

42% of US companies are owned by women. Women’s entrepreneurship is key to the American economy. In fact, women-owned businesses generate $1.9 trillion annually in the country. This led Vice President Kamala Harris to announce the Economic Empowerment Program for Hispanic American Women Entrepreneurs. The objective of this program is to increase participation and representation in the private sector in the public sphere.

This fact is encouraging Spanish entrepreneurs to take the leap and internationalize their businesses, according to experts at Softlanding Global. “This scenario is conducive to encouraging Spanish businessmen to take the leap and internationalize their business.”

Global Softlanding expert Ítalo Torrese notes that the United States offers significant advantages to female entrepreneurship. Among them, the fact that “all federal small business agencies offer US business training programs, advice, federal contracts, and access to credit and capital” stands out.

On the other hand, in Latin America, women-led startups have already reached 50% of the total. The data contrasts with that of Europe where only 36% of female entrepreneurship are. For its part, Spain slightly exceeds the European entrepreneurship figure by 39%.

10% growth per year

At Softlanding Global, they note that Hispanic American women have a large number of public and private programs that support them in their professional and business development. According to Torres, “their strength lies in the leadership demonstrated by many women in the business world and the public sector. There are more and more women who with their effort and professionalism are occupying positions or leading historic projects in the hands of men.”

By sectors, the sectors in which female entrepreneurship has achieved the most success are fashion, art, culture, lifestyle and tourism, technology and robotics, food and restaurants, as well as the marketing and retail (retail) sector.

According to a report by GEM on Women’s Entrepreneurship, the role of female entrepreneurs in Spain is “similar” to that of the rest of Europe but less than the role recorded in Latin America, Asia and the United States, where entrepreneurial activity is growing at an average of 10% per year.

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