Spark Science and Innovation Park – El Heraldo de Chihuahua . Opened

Spark Science and Innovation Park – El Heraldo de Chihuahua . Opened

With an investment of over 215 million pesos, the SPARK Center for Technology Development and Innovation, located in the Southern Industrial District, was opened in the state capital, as part of the state government’s business marathon.

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And through businesses like Spark, it is expected to benefit, in addition to quality of life, the nation’s economy through science, with companies with high technological impact. It will be a tool given to Chihuahuas so that they can start with their most ambitious ideas, thus generating better paying jobs.

The area of ​​u200bu200b”Spark” is 7 hectares for the first phase; Specifically, the Alpha building is built on an area of ​​u200bu200b18 thousand square meters (m3); Alpha building has 800 square meters of laboratory space, and 3207 square meters of office space.

Fabian Santana, Promotora’s coordinator for Chihuahua development, highlighted that the entity exports $59 billion in products that cross each year, and that more than 400,000 people work in manufacturing in the state.

“Not only were significant investments made, but local capital was a major factor. He explained that they send their products to all the manufacturing centers in the world,” explaining that the center represents an investment of more than 215 million pesos.

Sergio Mendoza Vidal, Chihuahua’s head of economic development, thanked for building the Spark, adding that it was made possible by a union of wills, from government and private initiative.

“For me, this park represents hope, and its location represents the ability to develop a marginalized area. He noted that this park gives hope to countless neighborhoods far from the city centre.

For his part, Eduardo Fernandez, Minister of Innovation and Economic Development, stated that this is a significant commitment to innovation to integrate the network of innovation centers that enhance the ecosystem of high-impact innovation and entrepreneurship.

Regarding Chihuahua’s economy, he reported that $6.262 million in foreign direct investment was generated; And that the entity has the highest nominal rate nationwide.

Finally, Governor Javier Coral Jurado noted that this project will be one of the pillars of economic recovery in Chihuahua and the entire country.

“This is an initiative aimed at encouraging the growth of companies,” the head of state said, adding that it was a plan under another name that was managed by previous governments and re-evaluated by the current administration to promote it.

In that sense, he said, this center would support not only large corporations, but businesses of all sizes, a vision rethought to help Chihuahua’s diverse entrepreneurs.

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