“Step by step” and the secret with which the makeup artists “revived” Marilyn in Ana de Armas

“Step by step” and the secret with which the makeup artists “revived” Marilyn in Ana de Armas

It wasn’t easy Ann weaponsof Cuban roots, She became a blonde icon of American culture as Marilyn Monroe BlondeAnd the Netflix movie. It even took filming to analyze everything viewers might see in this movie and compare the fictional aspects to what actually happened in the story. It was all there Hair and makeup team so that the actress can play this role without losing itself.

The photoshoot was done before the recording of the movie started, because they faced a challenge Recreate different iconic moments. This gave makeup artists the opportunity to learn what to use and what products were essential for those hard days behind the camera.

Ana de Armas brings Marilyn Monroe to life in the film directed by Andrew Dominic for Netflix
Matt Kennedy – 02MK7210

diverse Detailed step by step process. Jaime Lee MacintoshHead of the hairdressing department and head of the make-up department. Tina Rossler KerwinThey would get up every morning and spend two hours characterizing, concentrating on the smallest details. The photo session gave them the opportunity to experiment with different colors until they found the right one. However, despite the hard work, everything was governed by a major axis: Finding our Marilyn in Anna and not putting Marilyn’s hair and makeup on Anna. Define us and make it the best it can be.”

One of the decisions the team had to make was to start with a silicone cap instead of a regular bald spot, because de Armas has dark hair and they had to hide it. Three pieces made to measure, so you can withstand the rigorous shooting schedule for the entire nine weeks. The said medium added that together they created over 100 looks, but for the final cut, there were only 50 or 60 looks.

Ana de Armas is an actress who draws attention to her eyes, almost magnetically, because they stand out due to their size. However, since he was playing a role with very specific physical attributes, they had to refine shapes and color, so he wore blue glasses and False eyelashes in the corner of your eyelids.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe
Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe2022 © Netflix

This is one of the most symbolic scenes, When Monroe walks over a subway network and the air lifts her dress. Jaime had to prepare the hair as they did in the other scenes, while Tina was responsible for toning the skin and setting the eyelashes. wigs by artists, It was always the last step.

“Her hair is shorter in this movie and her hair wasn’t short enough, so I had to curl it a bit and pin it to fool the shape (…) it doesn’t match, but It’s the closest I can get to what I’ve had to work with. And there is still some movement,” Jaime admitted.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe
Ana de Armas as Marilyn MonroeMatt Kennedy – 02MK8510

like the movie Photographed in black, white and colour.They also had to play with this element and experiment with different nuances. “I had an arsenal where some were only black and white, some were color, and a little in between where we could translate both,” Macintosh detailed to me.

When rebuilding Diamonds are a girl’s best friend From Gentlemen prefer blondesKerwin used a combination of fuchsia and red for her lips, because she wanted them to look more intense. Already with the final product on screens, they agree that what isn’t seen is also important and there is a long list of recreations that they need to do quickly.

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